How much will Touch Point cost?

The price of Touch Point will depend on your size and usage but the good news is you only pay for what you use and additionally, the longer you sign up for, the greater the saving you will make.  Please contact us for price information.


Is training and support included in the price?

Yes! Comprehensive training on the use of Touch Point is included in the price as well as continued support and assistance from our dedicated team- just contact us.


What happens if DSA QAF (QAG) release updates about new requirements?

Touchpoint was developed to be future proof and has the capacity to accommodate changes by regulatory bodies.  Our development team will rapidly respond to notifications and update the system accordingly to eliminate disruption to service provision.


How does the Block Booking feature conform to DSA-QAF audit requirements?

Our system allows students and support staff make provisional repeat bookings in advance, reserving the same day/time slot each week in blocks – for the entire semester, for example.  The system automatically sends a reminder 7 days prior to the session for it to be officially confirmed (within the 24 hour/7 day timeframe) thereby conforming to the QAF audit requirements.  Admin can set an additional reminder to be sent between 7 days and 24 hours prior to the session.  This feature benefits students who prefer structure and routine and eliminates the problem of available session slots being on a’ first come, first serve’ basis.

What happens when sessions are missed?

If a student has missed two sessions in a term, the system is pre-set not to allow further sessions to be booked or recorded without admin approval.

Where can students and staff access documents and policies?

All documents uploaded by admin will be available for staff and students to view.  Upon successful login, staff and students are directed to their dashboard where they select ‘My Documents’ from the menu.

How does the student/learner verify the session?

On completion of a session, the support worker will log the details ready for the student to authenticate.  The student will select ‘Timesheet’ from the menu on their dashboard which will bring up the session/s that have been logged then simply click on ‘Authenticate’, check the details are correct and answer the review questions using tick boxes.

How do student’s find out the availability of their support worker/s?

Students will just need to select a support worker from the drop down box above their calendar and the selected support worker’s calendar and availability will be displayed.