Touch Point Application

A bespoke system specifically designed for all users delivering disability support services

Touch Point has been supported by Proof of Concept to provide an inclusive system tailored to encompass the specific needs of different types of NMH providers.

Touch Point is an easy to navigate and hassle free system that delivers a solution to the challenges encountered by sole traders, small medium and large NMH and AT providers, ESFA training providers and HEI’s providing in-house support as well as NMH provision.

Touch Point is for:

Learning/Skills/Education: SLC (SFE) approved for the electronic signing of timesheets and electronic submission of invoices.

For all apprenticeships and employment based learning and skills training programmes funded by ESFA

Touch Point Key Features

Any Device, anywhere, anytime

Any Device

Designed to be fully functional on all devices; laptops, desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones so you can access and manage your data wherever you are with web and App versions.

Live Session Booking

Live session bookings

Support staff set their availability which is visible on the calendar in their portal. Both students and support staff are able to book sessions which, once accepted, become updated onto the system as a confirmed booking.

Repeat/Block Booking Facility

Repeat Booking Facility

Touch Point allows for provisional repeat bookings to be made in advance – reserving the same day/time slot each week in blocks.

Chat Feature

Chat feature

Allows staff, students and admin to communicate  instantly with each other from their respective portals.

Student/apprentice/client portal

Student/Appentice/Client Portal

View Calendar, book and confirm sessions, verify sessions, access documents and policies, overview of support including support staff and allocated/used/remaining hours.

Staff Portal

Staff Portal

View Calendar, Upload Qualifications and CPD, check and sign assigned documentation, book support sessions, view student/client/apprentice details, manage & record session details.

Admin Portal

Admin Portal

Manage student/staff/client admin, match staff with students, upload policies and documents to staff and students, generate reports for audit & accounts purpose.

Session Recording with automatic timesheet generation

Session Recording

Staff record session details from which a timesheet will be automatically generated once the student confirms and gives feedback. Points from previous session, details of current session and points for next session are recorded to ensure a seamless flow of information and helpful reminders from one session to the next.

Missed & cancelled sessions

Missed Sessions

These sessions have pre-set limits so students will not be able to book sessions without admin approval.


Time Sheets

Electronic creation and submission of timesheets.  Timesheets are automatically generated when sessions are recorded and verified.  Digital signature for timesheet verification.

Generate Reports for Audit

Generate Reports For Audit

Admin can select multiple variables and extract information to create reports required for audit.  Reports can be saved to an audit folder so that the prepared documentation and evidence is ready when needed.  Aside from audit purposes, admin can generate other reports, for example, invoice amounts over a specific time period.

Automated session booking emails

Automatic Emails

A confirmation email is sent automatically once a booking is made.

Auto Invoicing

Auto Invoicing

Invoices are generated from timesheets and automatically sent to SFE.  For other funding bodies, timesheets and invoices can be downloaded.  Invoicing can be run weekly or monthly.

Pricing Structure

Pricing Structure

Payment is based on invoiced sessions so you only pay for what you use.

Training Included

Training Included

Training and ongoing support and assistance is included in the price.


The Benefits of Using Touch Point Complies with the DSA Quality Assurance Framework requirements.


- Allows you to be audit ready.

- Saves time – streamlines processes - time not wasted chasing signatures/evidence for session verification, no paperwork to match up and send manually, saves time scanning and filing.

- A future proof system that is constantly being developed and improved with new features and will adapt to ensure compliance with funding/governing body updates.

- Saves money – less administrative hours – you only pay for what you use so it’s affordable whatever the size of your organisation. Saves costs on administration, postage and stationery.

- Block booking facility allows for continuity of support which can be particularly beneficial to students/clients who prefer structure and routine.

- Liberates staff from time consuming administrative duties to focus on supporting students. See at a glance the support received by the student and an up to date log of support hours.


If you require a free demo or further information on the application, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

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